Helix piercings

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Helix piercings

Type of piercing

A helix, or rim piercing, can be placed anywhere on the outer edge of the cartilage of your ear. It includes all piercings between a normal earring in the lobe and a daith piercing, and can be decorated with a short barbell. You’ll find these, along with lots of cool attachments, in the Crazy Factory shop. Alternatively, use a ball closure ring.

Healing: If all goes well, a helix piercing should heal in about three to six months. During that time you should avoid placing pressure on it, for example by not sleeping on your side.

Risks: Piercing the cartilage is painful, so many piercers offer punching as an alternative. This usually causes less discomfort and heals faster. As a misplaced piercing can infect the cartilage, it must be done by an experienced piercer.

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