Nose piercings

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Nose piercings

Type of piercing

Nose or nostril piercings are the most common after earrings and navel piercings. They are needle-pierced through the right or left side of the nose. Unlike an earring, a piercing gun is not used. This was originally developed to label cows’ ears, and is not suitable for the hard tissue of the nose. In the worst case, it can damage the tissue around the hole and may get stuck, requiring medical treatment. Professional piercers do nose piercings with hygienic single-use needles.

Healing: Barring complications, the piercing should heal in three to four weeks. Because the mucous membranes of the nose have an ample blood supply, the hole will close quickly if the jewellery is removed.

Risks: It’s important to position the piercing very carefully, as there’s a danger of damaging the trigeminal nerve in your face.

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