Septum piercings

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Septum piercings

Type of piercing

Septum piercings aren’t easy! The septum, the wall separating your two nasal cavities, consists largely of solid cartilage and the piercing goes through the connective tissue underneath this. It’s therefore very painful compared to other piercings. Despite this, it’s one of the oldest and most widespread, with prominent wearers including Scarlett Johansson and Lady Gaga.

Healing: Septum piercings take time to heal. They require between two and four months to make a full recovery, and during that time the wound needs to be treated with great care, using Q-Tips and wound disinfectant.

Risks: Despite the pain, septum piercings are usually uncomplicated if they’re done by a professional and looked after carefully. If you want to keep your septum, don’t take the jewellery out for long periods. The channel closes up very quickly at this point, and the piercing is difficult to redo.

The level of risk reduces if the channel is stretched to more than two millimetres: you can then take the jewellery out for a while without having to worry.

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