Eyebrow piercings

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Eyebrow piercings

Type of piercing

Eyebrow piercings are among the most popular and creative of all, and can be done with a barbell, circular barbell, bananabell, or ball closure ring. They can be placed along the full length of your eyebrow, though this increases the risk of longterm facial nerve damage.
While the vertical version is more common, eyebrow piercings can also be done horizontally. The channel runs just below the skin, so it’s classified as a surface piercing, and is usually fairly quick and not very painful.

Healing: A new eyebrow piercing will normally swell up for two or three days. To speed healing, it's important to thoroughly clean it using Q-Tips. Spray the piercing with wound disinfectant, and don't use cosmetics near it while it heals.

Risks: A wrongly positioned piercing may damage key nerves and paralyse your eyebrow, so always have it done by an experienced piercer. As it’s placed just below your skin, it may grow out during the healing process.

Slight injuries, for example while you're asleep or exercising, can cause inflammations. These can usually be treated with Q-Tips and disinfectant.

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